Holey Bakery Website Redesign

UX/UI, Branding


Project Overview

Holey Bakery is a high-end bakery and café with three locations in Bangkok, Thailand. A typical customer is 30-45 years old, and most are professionals. Holey Bakery’s website hopes to offer a fast, easy way to order food, in an environment that feels as premium and cozy as the physical stores.

The Problem

Several bakery and café websites do not reflect the identity of the physical spaces, and rely on third party delivery services that take a large percentage of each order.

The Goal

Design a website for Holey Bakery that captures the feeling of the physical locations. Create an interactive menu and ordering system that can be used for delivery and pickup.


August 2021

My Role

  • UX designer leading the design process from conception to delivery


  • User research
  • Creating low- and high-fidelity wireframes
  • Creating low- and high-fidelity prototypes
  • Accounting for accessibility
  • Iterating on designs

User Journey Map

I created a user journey map to help better understand pain points a user might encounter while trying to order from Holey Bakery.



The goal of the sitemap was to map out a website that was easy to navigate, but met a variety of user’s needs.


Paper Wireframes

For the initial paper wireframes, I wanted to design a homepage that was an introduction to the bakery and a starting point for placing orders. The paper wireframes allowed for quick ideation and let me explore a range of layouts.


Digital Wireframes & Low-fidelity Prototypes

I created a low fidelity prototype in Adobe XD that outlines the user flow of accessing the café menu, order screen, and checkout process. Feedback helped me realize that I needed a confirmation screen after users complete an order.


High-fidelity Prototypes

My hi-fi prototype followed the same user flow as the lo-fi prototype, with changes. One of the changes included a more compact menu item layout, to reduce the length of order page.


Key Mockups


Accessibility Considerations

  • Include headings with different sized text for a clear visual hierarchy
  • Include landmarks to help users navigate longer pages, as well as those using assistive technologies
  • Each image includes alt text to help all users make the right choice when ordering

Next Steps

  • Identify any additional areas of need and ideate on new features such as customized orders